Thursday Haiku: I will wake up before God

Sad desert night blooms I will wake up before God For He is faithful A couple of years ago, full of hopes and anxieties, as most newbies, I entered a Catholic Diocesan Seminary. For those who might not know what I’m speaking about, that’s where you live and study for six or more years until […]

Now you can share your kids dreams

Not so many centuries ago, when I was young and tender I had a special hobby: dreaming worlds. And which is a good way to dream? Drawing. Drawing maps became a little secret passion of mine; developing worlds of fantasy with knights, cavalry charge and long treks beyond the mountains to find the holy plant […]

Under pressure? That’s how you fix it

It’s 7:30 PM. You are working on some stuff due tomorrow, 9:00 AM, and you have enough time to make it. But then a red light pops up in your mind. Yes, that other task you chose to procrastinate and had forgotten… guess when they want it done? Told you. I know I sound like […]

Newsies, a roleplaying game

Hi, I did it again. Another huge project, not that huge at the Unhomeless script but certainly a demanding one. And, for a change, I’m not setting up any deadline for this project, only that I want it available to the public by Christmas. So what’s this project about? A traditional, pen-and-paper, roleplaying game  with influences and […]

A favorite movie: December Boys

“What’s the big deal about having parents anyway?” Over the last few months I have watched but a handful of films. I spared few time for that, so I had to be picky. No dinosaurs, no weird comedies and no light adventures in which everything is a excuse to use CGI or special effects. I […]

How to Make Running Fun (even if you’re fat)

Do not ever make the mistake of choosing the wrong incentive to reward good habits. If you are running for health, it’s purpose defeating to reward you after each running session with junk -but tasty- food. You are in fact telling your mind junk food is great. It isn’t. But if you don’t love doing […]

Kaizen for mom, pop & kid

Last year? Back then? Last year? I announced you that I was about to dedicate this year to the grand experiment of personal Kaizen, and what it could do for me. I also promised to tell you about, but with this Kaizen stuff the strategies are so small, so easy that seems nothing to call […]

Writer’s report, 15 thousand words

My novel is increasing speed and I hope to break the 15 thousand words mark by today, which would be around the 25% word count of the total novel. The third chapter is about to be finished and I have loved every minute of it. Today I will share just three quick points: a) my […]

You can’t!

Long ago, before your grandparents were in this world, there was a young girl. Nara was her name. She lived near a very high mountain. Everyday, at sunrise, she greeted the mountain like this: “Good morning, dear mountain, I wish you happiness. I will climb you tomorrow.”But she had barely finished these words when a […]